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The last of the avatars Von:
User: Autumn

In a world where supernatural beings don't have to hide; they still like too hide in the human world.

What happens when Shane and his pack move to a new town, and him and his father have to go to a supernatural meeting. Not any meeting. The councle have summoned all of the Indangered to meat with them, and to pick 2-3 leaders.

At the meeting he finds his mate. But she isn't a werewolf like him, she's a indangered. But what type?!?!

Anabell , and her twin brother are the only Avatars in the indangered group. When they go to the meeting they catch up with all the other indangered, and the common supernaturals . She fins out that she has a mate but does'n know what to do.

Read to find out.

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