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The Book

An Erotic Romance Von:
The Book

  "Julie, give me a hand with this."     

Both Debbie and Julie started licking the entire length of my shaft from bottom to top. It wouldn't be long before I came at all.  Moments before I came, Debbie wrapped her lips around the head of my dick and with one smooth stroke went all the way down.  

   That was all she wrote. I erupted right into her mouth. She didn't flinch a bit.  She kept going up and down but didn't lose a drop.     

   Debbie lifted her head, "he tastes almost as good as he fucks." That was one hell of a profound statement since I didn't do anything but sit there and enjoy the ride.


           It's a XXX tale so treat it with respect.


   If you're underage leave it be, it's not for you. For the rest of you readers, enjoy!

love, betrayal, sex, oral, vaginal, anal, lesbian, straight, 69
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Deffinatly a very hot read loved it

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