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Those who remain; One mans vision

User: jimmyyork
Those who remain; One mans vision
A story of a man trapped in a world of chaos after he was left during the rapture.

Rapture, Antichrist, Bible, Those, remain, left
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Jimmy D York

Hey dad it's lil Jim I just read your book and I enjoyed it very much, no matter what opinions people have just remember it's just that and nothing more than a opinion.... Love your son jimmy

Wichtiger Beitrag

A post apocalypse scramble across ruins, much like the Left Behind stories. However, it makes the same mistake that most others of this genre make, which is to have the ungodly be left behind. It is the ungodly who will be taken out in judgement and the righteous who will remain, but the opposite meme has taken hold with the rapture cultists, and is very popular these days.

Wichtiger Beitrag

Jimmy tells a good story. I liked the fiction. The non-fiction ending is the resonance of Southern Baptists.

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