The Pandemic Part 1

an erotic story Von:
The Pandemic Part 1

Vanessa Leblanc is nothing special physically. She is content to hide her appearance in favor of books and her studies. She is a brilliant student at John Hopkins, looking to better the world through medicine. For now, Vanessa is content to sit in the background and allow others to make the big moves.

One night with Tyrone is all it takes to tip Vanessa’s world on its axis. After that single night, she is determined to concur the greatest reversal in the hierarchy of race in history. Vanessa will create a virus that puts black men, alpha males, at the top where they belong.

After thirty years, Vanessa has finally perfected the virus. It is resistant to treatment and stronger than the previous version. The first round of guinea pigs? The family she built through the formative years of the virus creation. Her family will travel the world, feeling younger than they have in years, and spreading her creation to others.

Within a few short years, the virus has taken hold, leaving no corner of the world safe. Life as we know it has completely changed, the white man sinking to the bottom of the world order. Left and right quarantine zones are being raided; the world being forced to submit. After all, BPV can only do so much in the way of changing the world. It is up to human nature to do the rest of the heavy lifting. But as with any virus, there are bound to be mutations.

erotic black sex
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