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Miracle at Golgotha

User: augustus
Miracle at Golgotha
Does God really forgive? Titus, a young Jewish boy, certainly hopes so, as he sees his father crucified next to Jesus; otherwise his father will perish in hell forever.

biblical, love, forgiveness, repentance, murder
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Wow, you really know how to bring people back to that time in history. I learned a lot about writing just by reading this piece.

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Thank you,
This work is now a novella at 26,000 words. I may expand it to a full novel. Time will tell.

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Wow! Truly amazing . . . the first thing that strikes me is the tone. Many authors can do setting very well, but from the first page there is a distinct tone. This takes exceptional writing. The story itself is right up my alley. I’ve spent much time thinking about the two thieves on either side of Jesus; you have painted a magnificent picture.

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Hello michael!
I have started to read your entry and so far I find it brilliant!
I have decided to upload it to my e-reader giving me more time to fully comprehend it.

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Michael, I am only 20 pages in myself, but I must stop and say a few things.
This piece of historical fiction is without a doubt the best example for our writers here of what great, PROFESSIONAL writing is all about. The way you immediately take us into scene and keep us there. The way you flawlessly insert back story without losing a beat. The way you are developing what I assume is the main character, Titus. Those faces... mehr anzeigen

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You have managed to paint the world of ancient Israel very vividly- I could "see" the temple, the conversations that Titus has with his father. Great job. Hope you finish it.

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Michael, your skill as a writer has improved dramatically with this new offering. Not that you weren't always very good indeed - but this story is of professional quality and, in my opinion, a certain contender in the current Write What you Want Contest.

I usually shy away from "religious" novels, mainly because I have a Jewish background. On the other hand, as a child I always loved the Scriptures and reading stories of Jesus... mehr anzeigen

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