Moving On....

Moving On....
Eliza is 16 has always been the shy type. Not interested in parties or guys. Thats where Caleb comes in. Caleb is the new popular guy at school that every girl flaunts over, except for Eliza. This intrigues him and he wants to know why but finds himself falling in love with her. She finds herself falling in love with him as well. What she didnt excpect was that he wasnt your average hard headed jock teenager. He was something else.Something bigger than what she excpected. Will she stay with him knowing what he is or give up on im forever?

Love, Death, Truth, Lies.
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This book is far from done....this is just a little sample X) i plan on having more up tomorrow....the whole chapter actually....this is one of those werewolf vampire books..ino ino lots of those out but its good... i think to me! ^=^ heheh this is my first book so if u hav nothing nice to say X)) plzz do not say it at all thx....enjoy<3 muah

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