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Tamed: Wisdom&Dog(prequel to UNTAMED)

the meeting of two hoods Von:
Tamed: Wisdom&Dog(prequel to UNTAMED)
Short excerpt that tells the tale of how Wisdom Sinsare meet Damien Xavier, aka the Dog. The latest prequel story leading to the main event book UNTAMED

Dieses Buch ist Teil der Reihe "Untamed prequels"
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Tamed: Wisdom&Dog(prequel to UNTAMED)
the meeting of two hoods
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Gelöschter User

This unfolds like a good movie. I could really see the action and the movement. (And that's the best thing for any writer to hear.) Your writing is very sharp and conveys the message quite well. Even though I am a romance writer I could still appreciate it, and you do have quite a bit of romancing as your character does get his needs satisfied.
Your short prequel excerpt hits the mark. Love every well formed detail. You've... mehr anzeigen

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Ashon Thadon

thank you very much for the feedback and i appreciate the comments. I try my best to reveal the imagery of each character.

Gelöschter User

You're welcome. I'll add this to my favorites.

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