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Age, Loneliness & You

Mind Control Von:
Age, Loneliness & You

"I am the infinite reality"- Self is supreme. Self-talk is a must; stay awakened.

The Universe moves in a mysterious way. Instead of trying to unfold this sacred mystery, which you cannot, stay curious, like a child. Welcome the mystery when it unfolds its secret to you; bathing you with fragrance.

Fear of being left behind when children grow and settle into their life, in their own way. Generation gaps appear at the surface, and you are left behind. Emotion takes over you and makes you weak venerable. Watch this; do not allow it to happen to you; stay strong. How-

'Age, Loneliness and You' is about how to tackle loneliness, depression, especially when aging. How to stay healthy, graceful under any circumstance, at any age, through meditation. 

Loneliness is fatal; it may become a boon too, it depends how you are accepting your loneliness; you are accepting it as a stress or with a smile, it depends on you.

Loneliness can occur at any age. Loneliness is delicate, especially when you are growing old. How loneliness may become a boon? Though tricky, how aloofness helps? How, meditation helps? What are the techniques of meditation? How to accept Life as it is? How to stay an Ageless wonder

Let us explore together a little more, and more, and more...

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