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Desert Queen

Crossing the Sahara Von:
User: ash8375
Desert Queen
"...I knew very well that crossing the desert was dangerous, even with the protection of Uncle and the caravan. I was aware of the intense, sweltering heat during the day and the frigid temperatures at night. I remember the men telling me the barren desert was no place for a young lady of my standing and trying to frighten me with stories of unruly bandits, deadly quicksand, and poisonous snakes. Though all of these things worried me, I refused to be intimidated. I lied, saying that I wasn't afraid and, after much debating, the men finally agreed to accept my company. After all, the leader of the caravan WAS my uncle..."

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This is a wonderful story!!!
Man... WHAT a cliff-hanger!!!!
It's so short, it makes you want more!!!
I can't wait to read more!!!!

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