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The Other Kids

The Other Kids

This is going to be about a little girl and how she was killed and turned into a spirit by getting sold by her parents to the devil she then becomes a demon by the devil and is sent to posses a teenager she has been given the title spirit of lust by the devil and is sent to give people immense pleasure yet the girl will suffer because everyone the teenager loves will soon leave because she changes and becomes too much and gets aggressive and soon the girl gets filled with sadness and anguish and then another more mature demon with the name of Bael a tricky and smart demon only meant to give more harm to the girl but soon enough the little girl gets attached to the teenager she is possessing and doesn't want to hurt her but just give her more pleasure as she gets pleasure from it too and as the little girl feeds from the pleasure, Bael tears her apart until she has lost everyone she cares about and is on the verge of killing herself, her own bf even left her the little girl tries to continue giving her pleasure but it makes her hurt more because Bael makes her feel like everyone is using her and after a while Bael makes it so the spirit of lust can't do anything and the girl now feels as if no one wants her.. After a while later the little spirit ghost refuses to do this to anyone else and the little spirit girls soul gets torn in half and she gets destroyed for not obeying orders.

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