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Bloody Mary

The Truth Von:
Bloody Mary
if you want to learn the truth behind Bloody Mary, here is what i think. Many of you might not beleive it, but this is what I beleive. I hope you like it! :)

Bloody, Mary, The Truth
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This book was thrilling.
Good job.

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I really don't believe in she killing u. Me & my sister both did that and only a stupped freak-en rose popped up only duh.

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I loved the book. One of the best Bloody Mary books I have read yet. Seems realistic.

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So it doesn't work, and you DON'T put your name on the mirror, and what if everyone is just standing outside the house, and then comes back in once its over, does it still work??????
Oh, and i like this version, its quite interestin.

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Angel Marie

i tried too, but it got freezing and the power went out, so i didnt. and your name must be first because its a trap. having your name on the mirror will end up killing you. if marry isnt too busy, she might stop by. if you have a gardian angel, the angel probally will try to stop you.

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I like this version of Bloody MAry, much more interesting.i must ask though, does the ritural work?
have you ever tried it and your emeny died?? and why must my name be first on the mirrior?

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