Visions - In my Minds Eye.

A collection of dark stories Von:
Visions - In my Minds Eye.
There’s no perspective, no dimension to what you see when you look at the inside of your eyelids with the sun shining through, but if you focus carefully, you can see all kinds of objects floating around inside your eyes. Little black bits, translucent shapes, amoeba-like object, which follow your eyes around as you move them within your sockets. I asked my Mom once what they were and she very cleverly told me that they were the cleaners, put there by God to destroy any harmful bacteria that tried to get into your brain through your eyeballs. The black bits, she said, were those objects, bits of sand, grit, and poisons in the air, hell-bent on getting to your brain and making a zombie out of you. It’s funny what you’ll believe when you’re that age. – VISIONS IN MY MINDS EYE
Arthur Howe takes your mind on a journey. A journey of visions, fantasies and tales of the credible yet unbelievable.

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Glynis Rankin

really! scared of the big black man!
that's oringnal.
sorry but I couldn't get passed the first story, perhaps in time I'll come back to read more.
your writing was good, but that story.... wow

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I've only now seen your comment. No, race has nothing to do with the story other than the plight of the character.

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