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The Savoi Affair Von:
User: aribert
Carmine Resources Ltd., a public mining company located in Vancouver, Canada, engaged the services of Mr. Amadou Savoi. He was to oversee the application for a gold exploration permit in NW Mali. Soon after Talya Kartz’s arrival in Bamako, Mr. Savoi disappears along with his niece, Rheza McLean. Talya needs to find them in order to clear Carmine’s name of any wrong-doing in the embezzlement of funds, alleged bribing of government officials and involvement in the murder of Richard Gillman.

Talya’s investigation leads her to Dakar where she discovers that the embezzled funds have been invested in the illegal mining of Sabodala in SE Senegal. With the able assistance of Hassan Sangor, a Malian attorney, and Captain Sahab, a private pilot, she unravels the mystery behind Savoi and Rheza’s disappearance and the murder of Richard Gillman.

African, adventure, mining, mystery, Bamako
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