101 Quotes : The Truth Behind Allopathic and Medical Lies

Critical Quotes On Doctors And Medical Fraternity And More Von:
101 Quotes : The Truth Behind Allopathic and Medical Lies

Originally published on 4 July 2017 , this book / ebook was published in the Second Edition Format as (:)

"The Truth Behind Allopathic and Medical Lies " .


It is now Published in the 3rd Edition as (:) 

" 101 Quotes : The Truth Behind AlloPathic and Medical Lies " 


This book is meant for people who have had a rough experience at the hands of the doctors of today or who have, at some point in their lives suffered from illnesses and have taken treatment from the doctors, or been in hospitals and have run inflated hospital bills.

Normal people other than doctors will definitely discover things in this book that they have not previously known.

A normal man other than a doctor should certainly find value for money in this book.


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