Mia Maxine's dorky life

Mia's journal Von:
Mia Maxine's dorky life
Mia Maxine has moved to a new school and needs to face a new year of Pennsylvania Country Middle school in eighth grade. She gets teased by the most popular girl in their whole school who is Nikki Hollie. With the help of her two new best friends and one secret crush and one diary, her journey into high school will be dorky, but enjoyed by her artistic style, her friendly personality, and of course a diary. "This school wouldn't be better WITHOUT my friends, my secret crush, and my diary!" Mia says. Mia has the most embarrassing life a dork could have, even though she THINKS she will have a horrible time at Middle School than High School. And the most embarrassing family; One annoying little brother, one mom who thinks she is in kindergarten, and her dad who loves unicorns and ponies. But good thing she has all of her friends, family, and a diary to enjoy, and even be mocked and made fun of by the meanest girl in the school, Mia might be able to handle things like a dork! "I'm SUCH A DORK!! :)" Mia says. Enjoy the dorkiness life of Mia Maxine, and laugh out loud with friends! Enjoy this fun book as you get to know what Mia is like and her great moments, horrible moments, and even the romantic moments.

Romance, Diary
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I hope u enjoy my book I will write 5 paragraphs a day when I get a chance. But right now please enjoy my book. I worked hard on writing this and wrote it 10:13 to 10:35. ENJOY!!

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