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A Monster in the woods biggest fear entry one

Being afraid isnt always scary... Von:
A Monster in the woods biggest fear entry one
Some say the supernatural is a myth. Its only in our heads. I guess you could say I disagree. It all started that night, that moment, that second. Thats when I found out the truth..

werewolf danger
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I have chills now. ;n; Why do you do this to mememe?! DX

I like it though. :) It was really good, especially the imagery in the first few paragraphs.

You might want to be a little more careful about editing or have a friend proofread, because every time I stumbled across a misplaced comma or incorrect homophone (they're sneeeaaaaky!) it took me a little out of the story and its mood while I figured it out.

Of course, this is... mehr anzeigen

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Awesome! Let me know when you do.

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Something I noticed on the first page, you said: "I loved it when it was like this", but that sentence is listed before you've described anything. So the reader is left wondering... when what is like what? You might want to move that sentence after your description of the night.

Good luck in the contest!!

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