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Expressive Narrative Prose Poems Von:

Endless Travel is a collection of expressive narrative prose poems.



The travel of our souls is an innate desire. Just as we cannot live without food, we cannot live without this traveling desire. One of the pages of travel life is writing which can reach the land of hope and illuminates dark areas. Beautiful writing, like poetry, can change our awareness of world by its traveling features that make us fly with joy and pleasure.

In our deep interior there are travel areas where everything means everything, and when we talk about something, we talk about something else. In this area and at this level, what happened is the travel of feelings, meanings and impression. Writing becomes sometime a great travel, and here shows the creativity of poetry. From this point of view, writing is a travel, and our souls use creative writing in that wide traveling. The idea may wear many dresses to show itself and the writer should listen to its voice and take care of its wishes.

What is an expressive narrative?
Expressive narrative poetry is prose poetry written narratively and horizontally such as story and essay but with individual expressive depth and a pure private vision and narrating the poetic elements with distinction distant from the narration of events and narrative characters.
The expressive narrative has a magic that cannot be described and it is the text of the future of all creative literary writing. In the future, it will turn into an expressive narration because it is broad and can accommodate all forms of expression.

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