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To the Hilt(on) and A Love Affair with Old Hotels

To the Hilt(on) and A Love Affair with Old Hotels
Two very different travel experiences in Florida

Hilton, Daytona, Delray
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I have stayed in some scary ones, too. oh, i think i have another story, but i don't think i will write it today....

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I enjoyed your story Anthony especially since I've been in some dreadful rooms with great service and wonderful rooms with cranky staff. Not to mention, being overcharged. Does anyone ever undercharge..nah, that fiction.

One of your comments regarding a coffee pot or something that somewhat resembles a coffee pot, set me to laughing. My middle son thinks I am strange because I tote a coffee pot, filters, and coffee with me. I... mehr anzeigen

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thanks for reading! glad you liked it. yeah, getting up without my regular real coffee can put a dent in an otherwise pleasant trip.

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