Reflections Of A Young Man

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Reflections Of A Young Man

No one has ever been perfectly prepared for the next day, yet life always presents its challenges and happiness. In the happiness of this day may lie the sorrows of tomorrow. In the sorrows of today, there may be the joy of tomorrow. Wait for life and wait for death with a clear mind. Seek knowledge without fear, for seeking knowledge is sweet. But always remember, once you know there is no remedy.
Live your life to the fullest, create your reflections and judgment of life. From love and its joy to the bitterness of betrayal, write your thoughts in the tablets of your heart or excellent books for that is the only way to prepare tomorrow.
The beauty of this book is in its perception of life. The only one thing whose whole sense no one has ever understood. Be a skeptic, be opening minded and do not react with whims. Read this book prepare your heart with an open mind.

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