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The Last Sliver of the Moon

The owls come out to play Von:
The Last Sliver of the Moon
Alric is an outcast among an outcast breed of owls, the Silver Owls. As their namesake says, they are usually solver; But Alric is pure black. He meets a silver Owl, a female, after being a castaway for many years one fateful night, and since it's been taking him years of secrets, punishment, and independence, plus determination to get through his life as a lone owl, He finds it hard to get back to trusting things. After all, he was just a hatchling when they threw him out! So, Alric learns to trust others. He begins to grow back into civilization... yet is also faced with another important decision. Love critiques so don't be afraid to say something.

adventure, owls, Merkindle, Alric, flying, etc
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i noticed in the Epilogue that you said "We flit across"... what is flit? not sure i understood that part.

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