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Old New England Traits (fiscle part-IX)

User: silviya
Old New England Traits (fiscle part-IX)
It Was The Winter Of 18--, Between Fifty And Sixty Years Ago. Certainly
The Winters Of New England Began Earlier And Were More Severe Than They
Have Seemed at A Later Period. After The Fervid Heat Of Summer Has Become
Subdued by The Progressive Changes Of The Season, No Atmosphere Could Be
Clearer, Purer, More Exhilarating than The Prevailing tone Of Our October
Days, And This Kindly Influence, As If By Way Of Preparing the Human
Frame For The Gradual Approach Of Winter, Generally Extends, With
Occasional Stormy Intermissions, Through November, And Often Very Far
Into The Frosty Domain Of December Itself. And Such Snow-Storms As We
Once Endured! It May Be Alleged, That Distance Of Time Forbids Accuracy
Of Comparison, And That Masses Of Snow, Which Appeared vast To A Child,
Would Not Seem So Immense To A Full-Grown Man, And Were Really No More
Huge Than Some Of Those With Which Winter Nowadays Envelopes The Ground.

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