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Who am I?

User: andy97
Who am I?
People go their whole lives looking for love, and some end up empty handed. Kierra was not looking for Romance. She just wanted to finish school and live a happy life, that all changed when she met Dante, who has to survive by dealing and selling drugs.

Journey, Drama, love, humor, Adventure, Romance
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please update ppplllleeeaaassee

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I am, first I have to edit. It would be better to go to Wattpad that's where the new updates will be

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This is pretty good; it's well-written and actually is pretty funny instead of a bunch of capitalized cursing. I haven't finished the whole thing yet, but I'm liking what I'm seeing. There are a few spelling mistakes (pg. 1, should be 'showed' instead of 'should'; pg. 1, should be 'you're' instead of 'your') but besides that I think it's pretty much legible. ;)
Good job, and keep writing :D

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Thank you for your comment. I appreciate you talking the Time to read and comment and point out errors. Unfortunately I am too lazy to go back in edit, but one day on my day off I will.
- Andeline

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Great story! Cant wait till you update again! Can you please let me know when you do? :) Keep up the good writing!

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