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what people become...

User: annhey559
what people become...
poem of friendship, hate, self harm and bullying. what people become as they grow up.

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is ut just 6 pages long ya?

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I think you did an excilent Job. I think you spoke for those who might not have the courage to do so...I loved it. It was well put together. Good job!

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Really great. Well put together. I am an Identical twin. Exact. My brother and I could even do the creepy mind thing where we'd steal each others words, which neither of us appreciated, so we differentiated ourselves at an early age. He became the outgoing prep in school - I was the quiet introvert in the corner. I'd like to think, if I and this girl in your poem were in the same class, we'd of been friends.

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This is sad. I've seen it so many times (you rendered the feelings well, Ann). Guess what? Those "nerdy" kids keep going on. They go to college. They study and leave the old cliques behind. They become fabulous writers and designers and singers and composers. They often meet like-minded people AT LAST, and their worlds become complete. Happy.
I know. I've seen it.
Thank you for sharing this sad poem, but it isn't over:)

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great stuff different revealing look at bullied child's unhappy life well done

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