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Tante (fiscle Part-XI) Part 1

User: disha
Tante (fiscle Part-XI) Part 1

It Was The Evening Of Madame Okraska's Concert At The Old St. James's
Hall. London Was Still The Place Of The Muffled Roar And The Endearing
Ugliness. Horse-'Buses Plied Soberly In An Unwidened Piccadilly. The
Private Motor Was A Curiosity. Berlin Had Not Been Emulated In An
Altered Mall Nor New York In The Façades Of Giant Hotels. The Saturday
And Monday Pops Were Still An Institution; And The Bell Of The
Muffin-Man, In Such A Wintry Season, Passed Frequently Along The Foggy
Streets And Squares. Already The Epoch Seems Remote.

Madame Okraska Was Pausing On Her Way From St. Petersburg To New York
And This Was The Only Concert She Was To Give In London That Winter.

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