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Just from interest...what do you wanna achieve by publishing this book? If you don't like Emmet please don't confuse those who do.And if you like him take yourself time to write a book (and with book I mean about 100+ pages) about him...I bet you can find way more about him.For example Emmet Cullen isn't his real name and Alice isn't his biological sister.You didn't notice that in your "book" didn't you? But if your goal just... mehr anzeigen

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Hey!my cousin who is only 6!made it so if you don't like it im sorry! >:(

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I just read tis right after I wrote my first comment. My first thought was to say sorry, I didn't know that she was just six. But then ...suddenly there where other,way more important thoughts sneaking into my mind...:
1. Why the heck does a six-year-old know Twilight... mehr anzeigen

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