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Writings @ Ankur Mutreja

Satire, Reviews, Opinions and Philosophy Von:
Writings @ Ankur Mutreja

This book presents my views on various issues ranging from contemporary events to personal philosophy. The views have been accumulated over more than a decade through a continuous process of contemplation, acceptance, abandonment, re-acceptance and so on and so forth, and the process continues...on my website This book is, in fact, a consolidation of my views concretized on my blogs over years – which can be accessed from my website – and is divided into four sections: Satire, Reviews, Opinions and Philosophy.
To be very frank, this is my selfish attempt to influence you towards my worldview, but, trust me, I have a sense of humor; so, there is a strong possibility that some of my writings may entertain you; I would recommend anybody who has laid his hands on this book to at least check out the first section entitled Satire – it is a very small section and a pretty light reading. Then, you may move onto the Reviews section – as a natural transition from ultra-light to light – where I have reviewed Travel Locales, Books, Movies and more. My Opinions follow next. I am an Advocate by profession, so I have written extensively on Law along with other subjects like Rights -- especially Privacy, Liberty, Equality and Non-Arbitrariness -- Economy, International Issues, Politics, etc. At the end of the book, I have presented my personal philosophy divided into six sub-sections: Privacy, Relations, Women, Abstract, Social and Political.

Von diesem Buch kannst Du online nur eine Leseprobe lesen, da es als ePub hochgeladen wurde. Du kannst das vollständige Buch aber downloaden.

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