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How to get a life: The story of a vampire

How to get a life: The story of a vampire
- Winner of a Bookrix contest -
A vampire wants to be human again. Well, the grass is always greener on the other side. What he doesn't count on is an encounter with the super-paranormal. Find out if he is able to fulfill his dream to live again...

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1,49 US$
Vampire, fiction, live, human, werewolf
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sweet!!! good book!

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As a general rule, I do not read writing pieces of the vampire world. However, I did read this one...maybe it was the short length, not sure; but, I'm glad I did, I was pulled into the story and enjoyed it. The storyline was warm and fuzzy, for a vampire tale, that is, and the ending was jolly good. The why of your win is quite obvious! NICE WORK! Elizabeth

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Hi all, those who want to vote for this book wil need to go to the contest community site and reply on the voting thread with the name of the entry. Sorry for the inconvenience people.. Thanks in advance :-)

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