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The Saga Of Paypal Continues....And More by Anita Punyanitya

Payments systems, banks and companies of the World ...all need improved ways. Von:
User: Winikit
The Saga Of Paypal Continues....And More   by Anita Punyanitya

Paypal has serious issues which badly affect and even destroy millions of people  and companies' existence. Payments systems need regulation, by International laws being newly created, all this being needed quite immediately too. Banks' and companies' work thics need to be taught and complied with by all banks and their workers, in every country. Profit sharing by all these large companies, payments systems and banks will end so much of bribery, silent extortion and theft even, from their own workers. Contemplate WHY you want to be a billionaire, and who you want to imitate, and why you want to imitate them......not being brainwashed by media and others continually. 

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