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School Tales by Anita Punyanitya

Tales from school life, people and meetings. Von:
User: Winikit
School Tales    by Anita Punyanitya

These tales are from my school life in Perth,Western Australia, in two schools, since a 9 year old going on for 10 attending Grade 5 in Primary School, all the way through to 3rd Year High School as a 15 year old. The first school was a Catholic convent girls' school. The second school was a senior high school which was a State high school, during my 4th and 5th Years of high schooll. Tales written in this e-book are on some interesting girls I met in the important years of Grade 5 and 7, as well as some memories of the slighly wilder years of 3rd Year High School with a bunch of 15 year old girls. Searching for Christ like demeanours in a whole mass of girls failed to give any results at one stage in spiritual life during the convent school years. Then there are tales in this e-book of my two Senior High School final years at the local State Senior High School, a mixed gender place of education with teachers who all had degrees, something I was pleased about back then. 

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