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Dog fleas

How to cope Von:
Dog fleas
Fleas are unpleasant, nasty things, which are impossible to eradicate. They spread like wildfire and your home can become infested within a matter of days. Whether you have pets or not, the chances are you are going to encounter fleas at some point in your life. The problem can be minimized, and dealt with easily – as long as you are aware that it has to be dealt with on a holistic basis - rather than just relying on one measure. No single type of treatment whether it is chemical or alternative medicine is enough on its own. Cleaning, combing and care of the outside environment are equally important. Be prepared for fleas and take action immediately. The result will be a much more comfortable life for you and your dog.

This book is an independent guide to dealing with fleas on dogs. It is based on personal experience of major infestations of fleas. When I researched the subject to find answers, I discovered that much of the advice out there is biased, as it is created by commercial firms eager to sell their product. This is a practical, straightforward guide offering suggestions as to ways of dealing with fleas, both on an emergency and on a long-term basis, whether you prefer chemicals or natural methods.

Bear in mind that there are no instant solutions. It takes time and a lot of hard work to deal with the problem. Careful, thorough cleaning of your dog, bedding and the entire house and garden is essential.

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