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Tim Curry And McDonald's French Fries

Starving For Curry And French Fries Von:
Tim Curry And McDonald's French Fries
How an anorexic teenager survives her illness with dreams of becoming a movie star, meeting Tim Curry and cravings for McDonald's French Fries.

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You made an interesting point. We never know what type of role model we may be to another human being. Or how God can orchestrate events to bring us healing. Great job telling this story. Liked how you took it from the crush, (and the letters) to the ending. I knew I liked fries for a reason, miracle food! Robynn

Wichtiger Beitrag

Yes, it was very obsessive . . . but in my mind, only. The part that is interesting, I did meet him and ended up having a friendship with him; we still know each other today!

It may not been exactly as I had dreamed as a teen; nevertheless, meeting him and seeing him on several occasions (at events and such -- and even being invited to be his guest backstage some years later at a show), has been more than I truly imagined. Mr.... mehr anzeigen

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What a sad, unhappy life you lived as a young teen. My heart goes out to you. So sorry you suffered with an eating disorder and an unrealistic expectation of meeting and even having a relationship with a movie star. Teen girls often have these crushes, but usually grow out of them, realizing that a relationship with someone more accessible makes sense. Your obsession with Tim Curry is a little frightening and perhaps you... mehr anzeigen

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Your story is very intense and touching. I felt so much empathy as I read through and was relieved to know that you would survive your illness. Sometimes it is hard to talk or even write about what happened in our lives, but you have done an excellent job at recreating the past.

You are a blessed young lady and God and his angels will always carry you. Thank you for sharing.

Excellent writing!

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