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Tales Of A Psychic Child

Tales Of A Psychic Child
As a child, I was often confused by my spiriutal gifts. They could scare people and frighten me, as well. How did I know? I just did. My gifts also comfort, too. And why I must share them for life.

Psychic, Medium, Childhood, Spirits
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Good personal testimony of a way of communications outside the norm.

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Spooky for sure. I can see how this would be a terrible burden. Sometimes we are better off not knowing. Thanks for sharing.

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Yes, there were and sometimes, are, times when I was bullied, or misunderstood. And many groups, even, have tried to save my soul or exorcise me (so to speak). Still, I am all about light, love and helping others. I embrace all my gifts -- from being a medium, writer, actor, singer and photographer. All gifts to enhance my life, others lives and yes, at times, make me a living to thrive in this material world.

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It's a gift to be sure but it isn't always good news you will have to offer. This small look into what you had to deal with as a child is interesting. You made it more interesting with pictures. Great job!

It's funny what we except as normal when we are young.

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You have written a very good book. You are a very gifted and talented young woman. I really like how you pulled your true stories together.

Great job!

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You definitely have crammed a whole lot of story into a mere 100 words. Impressive job. Robynn

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Sounds heavy, Face of Evil. I will have to check it out. Thank you for your feedback!

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