Ben Wyder Sings the Blues

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Ben Wyder Sings the Blues
A salesperson by day and a blues singer by night, a man's two lives come clashing together.

blues, sales, eyeglasses, love, romance
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I just thought that you would like to know that some of the words seems bunch up together. Anyway, I really like the story. It sounded as if the main character was talking like they did in the 1940's. You know, sort of like, Cassablanca. I thought that was cool.:)

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I get to Bookrix so little these days, and I rarely sit and read anything much, but for some reason when I heard about your story - did you message me about it, or did I see it in the 'featured' list? - I wanted to read it.

I loaded it, and it sat on my computer screen for about three days. I had plenty of other things to do, was reading a 'physical' book (one with pages and a cover that I could hold in my hand), and for some... mehr anzeigen

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so far my favourite in the contest. i love the interaction between josh and ben. i really hope, more people will read your stories.

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Please let everyone you know how much you love Ben Wyder Sings the Blues! I appreciate your feedback!

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Hey, I work in a bookstore during the day and I play bass in a band at night.

This could totally be me!!!!!


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