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The Hunters

The Hunters
Livianna is the Leader of the Hunters, an all girl group of teens who have sworn loyalty to their Goddess,Tanzia. They are all special in their own way and today they must track down a girl and deliver her to their Goddess before their enemies get her. Will they get her in time? And will they survive? It is only a short one shot.

Hunters, Teens, Shifters, Psyics
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Heather Fledderus (geordiriker)

Great stuff. I really enjoyed it, you have a fast pace that keeps the story flowing smoothly.

my only 'negative' comment is that on page seven, right when they reach the girl's house, you switch from first person to thrid person. it kid of threw me out of hte story, and i had trouble getting back into it after that.

but that's the only problem i saw with it- the rest is great! :)

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