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Midnight Academy Von:
User: angelhabz
Mia lives and studies at The Royal Midnight Cross Academy known for its amazing history and brilliant education. Students across the country come to study in this boarding school, but this school has many secrets. One of which, involves vampires. The Academy is run by 'Sir James', the principle, and the student council. but the student council are different, they re all amazingly beautiful. she also meets Eren who she has been in love with since a child. Eren the most handsome, popular and respected of the entire academy, however he also holds a hidden dark secret, which Mia has just found out! Is he the only one with this secret? Will Eren ever realize Mia's feelings for him?

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Hello, Angel!

You've requested that I read this story, so here is some feedback:

Firstly, I'm actually very intrigued by this. You started off very well. However, there are some grammar issues and mistakes, which is understandable without an editor! Haha, trust me, I nearly tear my hair out with every mistake I find in my books! Try not to take that the wrong way, as I was impressed by the beginning of your sentences.

For... mehr anzeigen

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Not at all. I am actually really happy with your advice and it has helped me a lot. Yes It was intentional. I wanted it to funny but serious. I am still new at this and hope to improve. I am super glad you enjoyed my first chapter as it is one of my fave stories so far. Please... mehr anzeigen

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