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The Government Class Book;

User: silviya
The Government Class Book;

The Utility Of The Diffusion Of Political Knowledge Among A People
Exercising The Right Of Self-Government, Is Universally Admitted. The
Form Of Government Established By The People Of The United States,
Though Well Adapted To Promote The General Welfare, Is Highly
Complicated; And The Knowledge Requisite To Administer It Successfully
Can Not Be Acquired Without Much Study. From The Fact That A Large
Portion Of The American People Are Greatly Deficient In This Knowledge,
We May Justly Conclude That It Will Never Become General, Until It Shall
Have Been Made An Object Of School Instruction.

The Administration Of The Government Of This Great And Rapidly
Increasing Republic, Will, In A Few Years, Devolve Upon Those Who Are
Now Receiving Instruction In The Public Schools. Yet Thousands Annually
Complete Their School Education, Who Have Never Devoted Any Time To The
Study Of The Principles Of The Government In Which They Are Soon To Take
A Part--Who Become Invested With Political Power Without The Preparation
Necessary To Exercise It With Discretion. The Schools Are Regarded As
The Nurseries Of Our Future Statesmen. They Share Largely In The Bounty
Of The State; Yet Few Of Them Render In Return Even The Rudiments Of
Political Science To Those Who Are To Become Her Legislators, And
Governors, And Judges. Not Only In The Common Schools Generally, But In
A Large Portion Of The High Schools And Seminaries, This Science Is Not
Included In The Course Of Instruction.

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