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Shaun Kane saves a man from armed assailants only to be plunged into world reaching conspiracy where the truth may not set you free and death waits round every corner.

Conspiracy, action, Thriller, Adventure.
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Ashon Thadon

wow..extremely good beginning..edge of my seat suspense and action...definitely needs to be continued..."something out of x-files"

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J.C. Laird

Obviously, the beginning of a much longer story. Could use a bit of touch-up editing, but the plot is an attention grabber and makes you want to find out more...

ss-The Camera

Wichtiger Beitrag

Great tale -good character and intensity.
You do need to check spelling and punctuation. If you're like me, you never ha da good grammar class and it takes a lot to get it clean and ready for a fast and interesting read.
Worth the effort in the long run.

Wichtiger Beitrag

Would ease the reading with attention to paragraphs, and marked separations for changing pov. Would like to read more let me know when more is available.

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