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Arctic Clean Up

The Thing-An Unofficial Sequel Von:
Arctic Clean Up
The snow hides its' secrets.

Mayday, mayday. Can anyone hear me? Over. This is U.S. Station 31. Do you read me? We found something in the ice. We need some help down here. Can anybody hear me? We found something… We found something… We found something…Macready and Childs have survived the destruction of Outpost 31, with the aid of a team of Russians and a survivor from the Norwegian camp, it has become a race against time to destroy the thing once and for all before the American rescue team arrives.

Horror, Science Fiction, Fan Fiction.
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Baltimore, Maryland

The shots to the back are almost the least of it. Clark lived long enough that
maybe his life could have been saved but no effort was made to do so. He was
literally left to die.
In a more decent world, the inevitable civil suit would be settled within
Calling this entire thing shameful is a gross understatement. (Although I'm
sure there are conservatives who can explain why this entire incident is
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While there are wrinkles to iron out... they are nothing that a simply pressing couldn't fix. It's got plenty of starch already.

What is here is a crackerjack story of danger and destruction with a but of a chase to see who's going to end up holding the deed on the planet.

Wanna know what I really think?

Just read this:

Nice work Mr. Scorah.

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