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three ascende story lines

three ascende story lines
i have written recently a line of texts with…/UtopiAnimalohumanPlantorgasmoMetamOrp…
where i tried to explore some mental emotional body harmony plays and in what setting a human being could grow into a fuller potential, connecting with animal and plant capabilities, connecting with the elemental forces and in corpor ating it ... right now i am writing a series of texts what have the similar overall theme of cell evolution but the setting is more in civilization ... and there is less erotic passages ...…/lamourlamourpermaandascendeinparis ... in 2007 i was able to write a short packed with all kind of visionairy items, this one being totally free of sexy writing but having a bit more machine technology written about ... ...

overall, i personally would like to see my fleshbody transformed into a lightbody/rainbowbody with that i could travel to the stars alone or in groups of other cosmic children ... and i would love to see this transformation done without surgical operations or syntethic drugs ... but i believe that there is a great potential for technology in the creation of an android helper companion what would eventually assist us in freeing ourselves of having to work, that is how i see both the esoteric and exoteric, the mental/emotional/body play way and the logical rational technological engineering way enhancing each other for the benefit not only of the human race but for our fellow sisterbrothers animals and plants too

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