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Dreamer's Demise - A clash of cultists

My Cthulhu Dream Cameo Von:
User: AMP1972
Dreamer's Demise - A clash of cultists

A one episode podcast turned short-story: A lesser practitioner of the occult arts, eagerly delving in the dreamlands to reap secret benefits for his selfish existence, learns a lesson of horror, when unknown forces rip his dreaming self out of the dreamlands, and also make his physical body wake-up, as inmate of a spooky mental hospital. Neo-Lovecraftian theme, inspired by the newer tabletop roleplaying games I delved in. 

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My cost free #audiofiction aka #mp3 audio-storytelling version of this story may be in older state, and only has 128kb encoding quality. Still, that cost-free version is available for all in the world:

I do appreciate #reviews, on #ebooks and on #audiobooks or #audiofiction, even, if they are not high rated. I prefer the kind of reviews, which honestly tell customers what... mehr anzeigen

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