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Forbidden series Von:
It's been 3 years since Elizabeth has spoken, or even moved. Now the she has awoken can she figure out what happened to her, and finally found out who the cat-boy was, or does Alex's family have a different plan?

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Its really good hope u keep it up :)

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The series is over. I'm working on a new one, the To Be Yours series, and for now it's taking up the majority of my time. Maybe after the current series is over I'll come back to Forbidden and give it a polishing look over.

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OK, well this is a new character set-up. This time it goes Cat-boy then Elizabeth, it continues like that throughout the whole book. so enjoy, and please an feed back besides the spelling and punctuality (my mom was pressuring me to get this uploaded so i didn't have time to stop and make sure everything was A-OK) would be great! Thanks =D

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