Shhh...The Name of this Book is Classified!

Shhh...The Name of this Book is Classified!
(If you look closely you will find a secret sentence in this book) I'm warning you DO NOT OPEN THIS BOOK! I REPEAT, DO NOT OPEN THIS BOOK!!!!

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I love this book! Very interesting, I hope you win the contest, but you were CRAZY for intering it!!

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I like the way you wrote this story. It was a shot of excitment in this short story! Nice work.

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I really enjoyed your book. I'm a big fan of interactive stories. Top shelf, keep up the good work.

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This was funny! I smiled :) This reminded me of when my grandmother used to read me a story and let me chose what the character would do next. So as it reminded me of a cherished moment in my life, I enjoyed your story.

Unfortunately, there were some spots that were hard to make out perfectly. Especially near the choosing A or B. So make sure everything is easily read.

Also, I like how the lines are spaced out, but make sure... mehr anzeigen

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or B, the author is mad and I'm just as mad as her for reading it.

I love your humour, and your crazy approach to penning a piece of flash fiction and entering it in a contest.

And of course you're clever too, when you tell us not to open the book, knowing that we will open it out of sheer inquisitiveness.

I'm not sure you have a winning formula here, but you certainly made me pay attention, so good on you.

Good luck in the contest

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