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His Big Opportunity

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His Big Opportunity
died1929), prolific writer of stories for children for the Religious Tract Society. In the new style of Sunday school story, LeFeuvre stressed “the strong and steadfast faith of childhood” from which adults should learn, and wrote in A Puzzling Pair (1898) of the “hell-fire” and “day of wrath” approach as something completely outmoded. The first of some ninety publications was Eric's Good News (1894). Probable Sons (1895), published in Chicago in 1896, was one of LeFeuvre's most popular books, using her favorite theme of an artless child melting the cold stern heart of an adult. Here fragile little Milly, from whose mispronunciation of “prodigal sons” the title is taken, brings her uncle Edward back to Christ. Another early work, Teddy's Button (1896), was also very successful: Teddy, ambitious to be a soldier like his father, is persuaded first to join Christ's army. All these titles are still popular with American Sunday schools.

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