Benazir in Red Boots: A Queen in Sex Heaven

User: Amit Rai
Benazir in Red Boots: A Queen in Sex Heaven

If there’s ever a contest reflecting the sexual adventurism of women in the history… Benazir Bhutto, former Prime Minister of Pakistan would certainly hold the top rank in modern history. Benazir’s sexual adventurism was not limited to some romantic or sexual relations with someone, in fact she had crossed all the boundaries… She arranged VIP sex parties, engaged gigolos for her sexual pleasure, and had sex even with her own son...


The first book on Benazir’s sex life was “Indecent Correspondence: Secret Sex Life of Benazir Bhutto” written by Roshan Mirza. It was more like a document composed of written confessions by some close friends of Benazir who participated in sexual escapades along with her…


Now a new book written by Amit Rai has emerged that contains striking details…


This new book about Benazir & Bilawal Bhutto describes some of the wildest sexual acts Benazir was known for in her intimate circles. The story is written in the style of a film’s scenario, based on the notes by a class-fellow of Bilawal Bhutto who was witness to everything in Dubai and London.


This book unfolds explicit descriptions of Benazir-in-action, and how she tricked Bilawal’s class-fellow into her games of incest - in which she would have sex even with her own son, Bilawal… Benazir was known to be enthralled by the erotic traditions of ancient royal dynasties. She was the modern-day example of Queen Agrippina (the mother of Nero) and Empress Theodora from the Roman Empire. Benazir Bhutto had created a secret sex kingdom around her - where she was the queen of sex and every selected man and woman served her sexual desires…

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Eric Garner is arrested and strangled by police for selling individual
cigarettes ($1 each?). Elizabeth Holmes defrauds investors of at least $700 mm
and puts peoples' health at risk with flawed medical testing and she gets this
slap on the wrist? She's still wealthy, free, and alive.

In case anyone doesn't believe that structural racism and class-ism exists,
this is Exhibit A.

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