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Remember The Alamo

User: disha
Remember The Alamo
"What, Are You Stepping westward?" "Yea."
* * * * *
Yet Who Would Stop Or Fear To Advance,
Though Home Or Shelter There Was None,
With Such A Sky To Lead Him On!"

"Ah! Cool Night Wind, Tremulous Stars,
Ah! Glimmering water,
Fitful Earth Murmur,
Dreaming woods!"

In A. D. Sixteen Hundred and Ninety-Two, A Few Franciscan
Monks Began To Build A City. The Site Chosen Was A Lovely
Wilderness Hundreds Of Miles Away From Civilization On Every
Side, And Surrounded by Savage And Warlike Tribes. But The
Spot Was As Beautiful As The Garden Of God. It Was Shielded
By Picturesque Mountains, Watered by Two Rivers, Carpeted with
Flowers Innumerable, Shaded by Noble Trees Joyful With
The Notes Of A Multitude Of Singing birds. To Breathe The
Balmy Atmosphere Was To Be Conscious Of Some Rarer And Finer
Life, And The Beauty Of The Sunny Skies--Marvellous At Dawn
And Eve With Tints Of Saffron And Amethyst And Opal--Was Like
A Dream Of Heaven.

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