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A Pirate's Tale of Love and Loss

Pirate Language Poem Von:
User: ambersims
A Pirate's Tale of Love and Loss
A short poem of one pirate's choice between his love and his parrot.

Poems, Pirates, Love, Parrots
Beiträge und Kommentare
Wichtiger Beitrag

Your few words paints a great picture.You should add more verses using same idea.Well done!

Wichtiger Beitrag

I smiled after reading this poem. The parrots won! I guess, maybe they are more charming in the eyes of the pirates. haha… a cute and nice piece of work. Cheers!

1 Kommentar

Thanks Tina! That was a fun little piece inspired by "Talk like a pirate day" in 2010. I'm hoping to write a lot more in 2011 that I will actually get up here on BookRix and share ;-)

Wichtiger Beitrag

Thank you both for your comments on my little pirate-inspired poem. I hope to write more and post a lot more in 2011! Until then, I have enjoyed reading so many great works here on BookRix ;-)

Wichtiger Beitrag

If I understood correctly, the scallywag chose the parrot over the lass. Maybe the parrot talked less and was btter

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