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Space Pirates 3: Russel's Revenge

Part 3 of the Space Pirate Series Von:
User: dysamyne
Space Pirates 3: Russel's Revenge
The bounty hunters and Will are released from jail on the count of good behavior. Will actually wants to be a pirate.... No Way! Zelda and Olivia work together (without fighting) to stop Magma and the bounty hunters. The police help out to stop the bounty hunters and the evil fire princess. Can they stop the bounty hunters and Magma? Is Will serious about becoming a pirate?

Dieses Buch ist Teil der Reihe "Space Pirates"
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Space Pirates 3: Russel's Revenge
Part 3 of the Space Pirate Series
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James Gerard

A wonderful ending to the Space Pirates series. Another great job of mixing up the story lines and bringing to an end the conflict between pirates and bounty hunters. All in all, for all four stories in the series, you did a great job balancing romance and humor and morals and justice and suspense. The worlds you created were fascinating. Amber, you are a very, very good writer with a creative imagination.

James Gerard

I am just about to download The Salem Trials. And thanks for the heads up. The stories do sound good so more than likely I will check them out.


Oh no problem :D and I hope you enjoy it.

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