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Fairy tales

User: dysamyne
Fairy tales
Fairy tale life. Love, action, humor, and a mess of other things that can only be found in fairy tales like fairies, dragons, princess falling into spells that leave them sleeping until true loves first kiss.

Note: The title on the cover is spelled Tails instead of Tale because I was thinking one but typed the other when I typed it.

Fairy, Tales, Love, Action
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For the readers I need to fix the cover because I didn't realize that I had spelled Tails in stead of tales.

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James Gerard

I like the story. Clever in its happy ending.

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Thank you. I don't really write short stories because they usually turn out to be chapter books but I decided to try to write this just to see. I'm thinking about creating more short stories to add to it to kind of make it like a collection kind of thing.

James Gerard

I'm the same way. I prefer writing longer stories but have been going to short stories. And like you, I wrote stories I titled the Fairy Chronicles, but essentially they are just chapters to one book. Don't sell yourself short. You did a very good job with "Fairy Tales." So keep... mehr anzeigen


I'll keep that in mind. Thank you :)

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