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Changing Lives

User: dysamyne
Changing Lives
Millie, the leader of her werewolf pack, changes lives with the mute, Nyght Miller, who happens to be from another time in history. The two have to try to deal with the new surroundings.

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So that this book makes since it's actually based from three different series. I'm working on two of the series but it will be a little while before I actually start posting them.... The other series I've already started which has Millie and her pack of werewolves & here is the link: I should have started with the three series first but I didn't.... Please read and let... mehr anzeigen

The Full Moon. Part 1 Of the Werewolf Chronicles An old, grumpy lycanthrope (werewolf), by the name of Millie, leads her pack, which includes her brother, Shawn, and other wolves to defeat the evil vet, Doctor Jack O’Nail, and his assistant, Jean...
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Here's another related book series which I just finished today:

Sylent Nyght. Part 1 of the Sylent Nyght Saga Evlyn lives in a boring small town until one day she learns about a murder. Little does she know the town will be covered in blood? More murders begin to happen and burglaries slowly start. Oddl...

The third and final series which is related to this little book:

Asmyne. Book 1 of the Worlds Collide Series What if you found out that your new roommate was an alien? How would you feel if you had a criminal from another planet sharing the same apartment with you?   April led a normal life until s...
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I am finding that I like all your books so far and that you are getting really close to being one of my favorite authors! ^.^

Keep up the good work. :) <3

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Thank you glad that you enjoy reading my books :D

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No problem! :)

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