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An Angel's Emotions

The life of Teddy Laxett Von:
User: ambermn
An Angel's Emotions
Teddy is an angel- of sorts. He comes down to earth and feeds off of human energy to survive. It's both a curse and a gift. A gift because it gives him immortality now the human he was has died. It's a curse because the feeling of being human returns when he falls in love with a girl on earth.

Teddy starts to slip in to Ava's dreams and she begins to fall for him too- while she sleeps that is. Worst part is, dream entering is a big no no for Teddy's boss Zeus- so he'll have to pay the price....

Dieses Buch ist Teil der Reihe "The life of Teddy Laxett"
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An Angel's Emotions
The life of Teddy Laxett
angel, love, fantasy, fiction
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